As someone who has for the most part of her life been concerned with the way we treat our environment and the lack of concern the majority of society has towards their impact on the environment, The East was a treat to say the least.  The premise of the film is about a group of ecoterrorist, who call themselves The East, and how a private undercover agent infiltrates the group.

I feel a bit biased reviewing this film, mostly for the fact that if I had bigger balls I’d be way into doing the acts that The East performs.  The idea of giving the corporations a taste of their own medicine, no pun intended, is a fantastic idea.  It shows what money has really done to our society and how we’ve almost built an entire foundation on it, even though it’s really worth nothing.

Off topic, but yeah so the actual production of the film is done really well and the cast is pretty easy on the eyes.  You obviously are going to get some stupid cheesy love story thrown in there but who cares just think that its all for the better good of our environment.

Now jump on in and take a swim with The East.


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